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02-03-2010, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by Janko
I just found out that spending more than 6 points in "Starship Engine Efficiency" is a complete waste.

Up to rank 6, each skill point was extending the time my EPS Power Transfer ability would stay up for. After increasing that skills rank to 7, nothing changed, and just in case it was a glitch/bug I went to rank 8, with no change to the EPS Power Transfer ability.

Now, maybe "Starship Engine Efficiency" affects Emergency Power to Engines past rank 6, but I wouldn't know because I think Emergency Power to Engines is a waste as an Engineer piloting a Cruiser class vessel.

So there's a tip to any of you skilling up "Starship Engine Efficiency" for the boost to EPS Power Transfer. Don't rank it up past 6. I won't get my points back until they implement a Skill Point reset option
Did you see any improvement in Engine power levels? If your engines aren't set to a high level, the efficiency skill will also improve those, but we don't know where the breakpoints are, so there might be no benefit there after level 6 either, depending on your power preset for engines.