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02-03-2010, 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by troggbl View Post
I'm sorry but because you cant play the game automatically no other fed team has a 50/50 win rate?
I'm sorry, what does your brainless post in any way refute my argument?

I say PvP as federation would still be unenjoyable even if you won half the time and you say I'm a bad player because I don't win half the time?

That's more like a driveby insult than an argument.

Originally Posted by 3ulogy View Post
i agree but if they nerf cloak to the point that it is useless then i definately want something in return
Well who ever said cloaking had to be useless? I said it had to be nerfed, but that's not the same as saying it has to be made completely unviable.

Ok, for example imagine this:

The possible decloak range for science vessels is 20km, however, decloaking is based on chance.

The chance goes up the faster you are moving while cloaked. If you're going full impulse it's 100%, if you're sitting perfectly still it's like 1%.

Also the closer you get the bigger the chance of becoming decloaked becomes. So if you're at a full stop but the science ship is 1km from you the chance of becoming decloaked also becomes 100% about.

You don't know if you have been decloaked or not, and you have to judge by the science ships action wether or not he sees you. For example, if you think you may have been spotted because a science vessel is coming straight at you you could reverse course and see if it matches to intercept. If it does, you know you were made, so you have no reason to still stay hidden, just punch it and get the hell out of there. If he doesn't change course he most likely didn't see you, but you can't be sure, he might be faking to lure you closer.

That kind of thing would be an interesting and gratifying use of cloak. It would take a smart player to cloak right, and it would take a smart player to get a cloaker by the balls, but it wouldn't simply be a situation where nobody can ever catch you no matter what.

Think about Submarine Warfare in WW2. Torpedos back then were unguided, so in order to fire the submarine had to surface, exposing itself to its enemies. Torpedos were insanely dangerous because they carried several tons of high explosives and struck below the waterline. However, submarines were not invisible. After sonar and water bombs were invented they could sometimes be hunted down and destroyed despite their ability to dive.