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02-03-2010, 06:32 PM
Hey, thanks for the link to this.

I've got rank 7 Warp Core Training and Warp Theorist in a Cruiser and my power levels are always 53 in balanced mode. This is how it should be according to the chart, but it seems like a small gain for the amount of points invested (700). Do you think the skill needs to be rebalanced to provide a higher power level gain? It just seems like "Can you give me any more power?" and all Scotty sqeezes out of it is 3 on everything from 2 days work of learning how to make the core work better. I mean from a realism standpoint. So much invested for so little gained.

Also according to the chart it sounds like rank 3 in Warp Core and Theorist gets the max extra power levels, but of course that gimps the skill's boost to abilities that mess with power management. So it's good to get rank 7 anyway for the sake of abilities, right? You seem to be advocating 6, though. Why is that?

I'm not new in the sense of how long I've had access (Since CB), but I'm new in the sense of how much I actually got to play (2nd day of OB to end of headstart before school started), so this is appreciated muchly and I'm having questions. I just didn't get to play very much because of how slow I download, downtimes on my available time, horrible lag on entering Sol System, and the amount of research online I was doing at the time. All this contributed to less beta time.