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02-03-2010, 06:35 PM
Point being that YOU are just YOU, there are alot of people that ARENT YOU that have worked out how to enjoy the game, and WIN and be FEDS at the same time.

YOU seem to think YOU know what everyone else thinks and are trying to impose your silly ideas on them.

I havent even tried to offer you an argument, just a suggestion that telling everyone that they havent managed a 50/50 win ratio, just because you havent is probably not a good way to start.

Until you work out how to see a cloaked ship closer than 2k in a sci vessel, you shouldnt be calling for nerf threads. Threads asking for help YES.

And if you dont like arena matches go play capture and hold. You'll know where the klingons are/were most recently, if you ask for help on using your ship and skills you'll then be able to scan them out pretty easily most of the time. Then you'll be on the offensive, having fun and maybe even winning.