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02-03-2010, 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by Mojokujo
Lol duh... Make a Klingon if you don't like to be on the defensive all the time...
Well some people may find it boring to have a game where one faction is always on the defensive and the other always on the offensive by default.

I just hope that Cardassians come in as a faction soon so we can fight some uncloaked people and have some acctual fun.

I am also looking forward to Romulans coming in, because I would laugh hard when two cloaked fleets tried to fight each other with the current overpoweredness of cloaking.

Originally Posted by troggbl View Post
Point being that YOU are just YOU, there are alot of people that ARENT YOU that have worked out how to enjoy the game, and WIN and be FEDS at the same time.
Ahh, right, my oppinion is biased because you have a different one which isn't.