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# 1 Its a shame
02-03-2010, 06:45 PM
I was sitting there playing and i realized this game just isnt that fun. I mean i like the idea of ship to ship combat but its all the same on the kling side. We only have 2 ship types until the third tier 90% of us are tac officers because until your like in your 30s all the ships are for pure combat. I see why the feds cry about pvp all the time but they have to understand we dont have cruisers or ships that support our fleet we have DPS thats it. I did beta and the early start i just dont see this game being here in a year.

I hope im wrong though the idea of this game is great and the first few weeks i played were fun but its the same thing day in day out same BG same tactics. For anyone that says mix it up with ground combat they must have skiped it. Thats dam near unplayable i mean steal another games combat system and put your skins on it. I would rather play a bad clone then a broken and unbalanced system you guys have in. And yes its a new game but they have "fixed it" a few times already and its worse then when they started.

But it is a shame this game could be so much more. But from my personal history with this company ( Champions online anyone) im not holding my breath. But they say its gonna be better soon ! so ill give them till my free 30 days are up and then im out and you can bet on the fact im not the only one