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02-03-2010, 07:07 PM
Originally Posted by 3ulogy View Post
if its 2 premades that have some sense then cloak is rarely used.
Exactly my point, because it is boring as all hell to stare at empty space for an eternity. When you play Klingon vs. Klingon nobody cloaks up because they know that if they cloak up then their enemies cloak up and the game will turn to crap. If you play Federation and the Klingons cloak up you can't do anything to discourage them from it, you can only sit there huddled in a pile and wait for them to make a move.

It's boring to be on the defensive by default. If your enemy is the one making all the choices, when to fight, where to fight, how to fight, whom to fight and you can't make any choice, you can only try to prepare as best you can for whatever your enemy you just don't feel like it's a fair fight.