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02-03-2010, 07:11 PM
Originally Posted by ouT-Phaze View Post
I know we've all seen the /powerhue'd weapons and powers across the galaxy in this game, and even /I/ can agree that it can make the game less immersive for some...

But does anyone think Cryptic should allow client-side hueshifts instead?

That way it doesn't interfere with the gameplay and immersion for others or give anyone any "what weapon are they using?" advantage, while still allowing us to have awesome coloured weapons on our own ships?

Maybe even further with the OPTION to see custom hue****s?

In my opinion, this is a very neat mechanic that shouldn't be taken out... it should instead be made an option, and by default everything looks normal for you, even if other players have custom colours..

--- edit for better explanation ---

With my proposal, when you start a new character all weapon/explosion/power colours on everyone's characters (including your own) would be the default, canon, colours.

If you /powerhue, it only changes, client-side, the colours on your ship. No one else can see this colour.

Maybe add a "/customcolors (0/1)" command that lets you see everyone's custom colours.

This way no one's game gets ruined by pink lasers, and people that want custom colours and/or the option to see others' custom colours would be able to. (Though I don't expect the public-custom-colours option, but it'd be a nice touch)
The colors aren't outragous to begin with and most are used in some degree as weapon colors already.

So its not like you can give yourself black pew pew beams.

On top of that, how do you know there isn't a pink hued weapon in the game?... I know for a fact that there are orange, green, blue, and yellow...