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02-03-2010, 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by LostQ
Ok, I just need to know, with a minimal amount of sarcasim in the answer,

I just got my collectors edition from EB games. I preordered it and took part in beta.
I typed my activation code and have a 12 month subscription.

I checked the box and shipping materials twice..installed the cd. activated the game.
!!!!..Where is my blue phasor gift?>
One of the main reasons I got the preorder was for the bonus ship and blue phasors.

Im just saying.... If theres no code in the box.. and the code i did enter says collectors edition, and they know i preordered... why no phasors.?

am i missing something or somethings? Im lost.
Collect goodies from the C-Store in the game. Click on the little down-arrow to the right of the mini-map in the upper right. You can access the store from there.