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# 1 Skills for 360 Turrets ?
02-03-2010, 08:22 PM
I like using Turrets on my Cruiser and I was just wondering if people can give me some info........the first skill "Starship Energy Weapons training" gives a broad increase to all weapons except torps and mines.

1. In the next rank up, which skill impacts the 360 arc turrets....Starship Beam weapons or Starship Cannon weapons?

2. Right now I have "Phaser Turrets" it seems like a good choice to take "Starhip Phaser Weapons" skill....but are there other damage types open to turrets for example, "Plasma" ?

3. Do BO powers like "Directed Energy Modulation" work with turrets even though there not a 100% "Beam"?

Thanks for any info