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02-03-2010, 07:42 PM
Not having used this feature, it sounds interesting and if there is word that it is being removed that seems disappointing.

In regards to canon, I always figured the reason the pew pew beams in the shows had been this color or that color was simply because of the color of the lens that the pew pew beam goes through. Sure I know that you have phasers and disrupter and other pew pew beams, but I always figured that the biggest difference between them was the same as the difference between an Windows computer, a Lynx computer, and a Mac computer.

Sure they all do pretty much the same thing, but most windows users can't tell you exactly how a Lynx or a Mac computer work differently than their computer. There are differences, but ultimately they do the same thing... the work you desire to have done. Be it play a game or make a movie.

And just the same with the pew pew rays in star trek. Sure there are people out there that can tell me that the Romulan disrupter does this and not that compared to the phasers that the Feds use. But ultimately they serve the same purpose. They take out enemy targets.

Nor does knowing the difference between the disrupter and the phasers actually explain WHY the color is the color that it is, other than as a visual guide to watchers of the TV shows and movies. I mean imagine if all pew pew rays got the color green, and one ship shot the other ships weapons. It wouldn't be clear who was shooting who. But if you say Romulan's use weapons that have color X and Feds use color Y, then when the Feds shoot the Romulan's weapons you can tell it is Y shooting X and not X shooting Y.

But from a real world view point, it doesn't make any sense at all. Why is some ammo for some weapons a golden color why other ammo is silver in color? Well that's because the material of the casing is different.

Why do tracer rounds light up one color and not some other color? Because they decided that that was the most useful color to use in the most situations. But the color is actually able to be changed to pretty much anything they want so if the a real world military needs red tracer rounds they can get red tracer rounds. If they need yellow tracer rounds they can get yellow tracer rounds.

So you can't convince me that a phaser (something that s basically a sci-fi laser) can't be any color that is required. You can convince me though that a phaser is manufactured one way, and that if you want it another color you are going to have to pay extra for the modification, but that's understandable.

Likewise if one wanted a setting to turn off the custom colors so they see everything in it's default color that also makes sense to me. I mean most of combat in space would be done on a computer screen anyways with the computer telling you various readings. It could show you those little pew pew beams in any color you wanted. It's called a user interface.