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# 1 PvP issues with BoFF skills
02-03-2010, 08:02 PM
So to break from the "this cloak is OP" or "this isn't fair talk" I figured it would be a good idea to change the subject. Currently some of the Boff powers are sorely lacking compared to others, and others are just so damn good you absolutely have to take them on your bar (Beam: fire at will & RSP for example, respectively). so out of curiousity, which skills do you find underpowered or overpowered, or which skills for that matter do you feel are fine but need just a little tweeking? I'm gonna take all your opinions and write up a non-bias (as much as possible) report tomorrow while I'm getting my car repaired. also: please FFS don't talk about cloaking or one side is overpowered, It really doesnt belong here.

example of a good post:
I find Beam: target shield subsystems to be more powerful than the other subsystems disabling abilities, Aux and Wep don't really do much while engines are rarely used in comparison.
Torpedos: spread is an absolute piece of ****. They never hit and are only useful in certain situations that would better be responded with by torpedos: high yield.

example of a bad post:
Klinks are rediculous because theres no counter to cloak and they always get to pick there battles. Feds can't match that.
Fed's need to man up and leave the fedball.

I'll start:
Truthfully I find that scramble sensors is a bit lacking. While its good on paper, at best It really only causes them to stop firing for a few moments, at worst they just manually target you and resume firing.
What they could do to fix it is have it "reskin" all ships to be an identical model and then scramble the names of the ships, also it needs to change your target. While it doesn't stop the player from looking at who's doing what and picking a target, it makes it a whole lot harder to do so.

So whats your issue?