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02-03-2010, 08:08 PM
Originally Posted by KiraWolf View Post
It will become better ofcourse you just have to give it time. I know I'd hate this game if it wasn't for the fact I was in a fleet. If you still play klingon drop down to our teamspeak and join up a group for something. It's really fun, learning to become better, planning about spec and equipment setup. Talking about team tactics and how to make the federation cry about our cloaks xD
agree but seriously: that can' t be the only thing to do in a MMO. Yes, they say we get some things but remember: Klingons came out 5 weeks ago now and not the fewest new content is in like missions for azure nebula(very important where to get explore badges???), mission for rura pente, ressource ground battle (still broken!!!), some stupid more costumization for us whereas the costumes are in the game you can see NPCs wearing it or just better gear in Kahless Expanse, ground fleet action and gear for our missions. Thats what makes me wonder most: why do we not get gear rewards for our missions but the feds get the best blue items??? I hope you understand my point. The things I mentioned out is not the big deal, I think Cryptic could have made it in a few days but insteat of this they are planning more and more for the feds. Feds vs Feds is coming. Hmmm, was'nt there an interwiev where Craig said: Klingons are about PvP so Klingons and only Klingons can fight each other??? If they want to do faction equal then I want to see the same content on the Klingons side and not only random missions. If Feds get Feds vs Feds then I want "my" Klingon campaign but not one word said about this. Really I like this game. In fact I subscribed one year but I am disappointed of Cryptics promises what never come true as seen in CO until now. If any other man (not company) had said things in an interwiev what just is not true one had called him liar. Until today the only important statements about Klingons I know where from Jackaloupe and a few days ago a state of the game letter. No excuse or something like this. We have to take it as it is and give them our hard earned money. I don' t know if this is the right way to handle costumers.