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02-03-2010, 09:21 PM
All you have to do is hit with this... and you win. Easy.

Oh wait.. science team... oh wait.. you have 2 or 3 viral matrixes on your bar..GREAT....

You win again.

Blindly using Science Team I (at 9/9) makes you immune to Viral Matrix 2/3 of the time; meaning there's only a 15 second window out of every 45 seconds where you can possibly be locked out. If you're a Klingon player, pop it right as you begin your attack, since that's the most probable time for a Federation player to try and Viral Matrix you.

If that sort of blind, skill-free usage of an Ensign ability isn't good enough for you, and you want to totally 100% nullify the only space-based crowd control in the game, go ahead and pick up a second Science Team and alternate them. Afterall, you'll be in at least T3 before you have to worry about Viral Matrix, and every ship in that tier is capable of having two Science Teams.

Or, you could of course try and coordinate a bit with your team. While many people in pickup groups don't care about you at all, and won't lift a finger to try and support you, some of us will. Not to mention the fact that I hope to someday see a competitive PvP system of premade teams playing each other, with some extra exclusive rewards, based on how well your team performs. In such cases Viral Matrix will basically be a wasted Bridge Officer slot, unless some changes get made.