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02-03-2010, 08:25 PM
Originally Posted by Ruivo
Hmm.. you realize that the five people in this thread aren't exactly "in" STO?
well, if you're playing the game, then you're in it. so yes, you are.

if you're not playing the game, then you have no idea what the game is like, and then you wouldn't know what's annoying.

EDIT: i'm just messing with you by the way. i'm not that serious about the game. and to prove it, here's my list:

1. Almost every time I'm sent to "explore" something i end up having to blow something up.

2. swordmaster & targs (i list them together because you usually find them together)

3. wander klingons (or any other fraking alien)

4. no access to a mail station at ganalda station (for sending & retrieving items)

5. when in ground combat and targeting someone, your wasd keys move in different directions.