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02-03-2010, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by Yashnaheen View Post
I read somewhere, don't recall where, that part of the license is to keep these sorts of thing canon. So its not that we would be bothering other people with our fabulous pink lasers, but CBS doesn't want to allow us to see anything else.

Not really up to Cryptic if I do remember correctly.
<sarcasm>Yeah, because lots of Federation ships in canon used disruptor and Romulan plasma torpedoes</sarcasm>

I hope they leave it at least client-side, though I'd love for it to just be left alone. The weapons I want my character to use don't exist in the game (and almost certainly never will, since they're basically just different colored phasers) so the powerhue thing is good for RP for me.

Hmm...perhaps they could add more crafting to Memory Alpha, different color weapons? That would be a nice compromise and improvement on the (somewhat lacking) crafting system.