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02-03-2010, 08:46 PM
Originally Posted by sicvic View Post
I just bought and installed a Nvidia GeForce 210 PCI express card and installed it fine and it was working great. But then STO froze on launch day at the character select screen, and now windows wouldn't load or anything upgraded to windows 7 and everything worked perfect again and when I went to create my char. after I log out, windows freezes and I have to manually reboot again. the only way I could get windows to start back up is to uninstall my video card. I checked that site and it told me that the 210 would be an okay card to run STO that's why I bought it. Any advice?
if you have an on board chip for graphics you may want to disable it from bios or uninstall the graphics drivers so it's using the default microsoft drivers then try installing your 210 with the drivers that come with the cd

it just sounds like a conflict which is causing the comp to lock up.

edit also it depends on which slot of the mother board you install your card sometimes that causes trouble to i "think" video card mainly for the bottom or is it sound card first?

someone else may wanna pipe up about that i'm not sure.