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02-03-2010, 10:02 PM
Originally Posted by shudon View Post
Can someone please give me a run down on the stats on shields. Specifically the differences in bleedthrough and absorption. Is it really just as simple as the percentage let through (bleedthrough) and the percent completely dis-regarded?
Shields will absorb up to the listed amount per-facing (I do believe - don't quote me on that one), except for an amount determined by their Bleedthrough value (which goes directly to your hull).

For example - if a shield has 2,000 Absorbtion and 10% bleedthrough, it will absorb 2,000 damage at that particular facing. If you take an attack that deals 200 damage to your Forward shield, 20 of that will go straight through to your hull and 180 of it will be absorbed by the shield (leaving you with 1,820 left to absorb). Since it's above half-power from that shot, if you take no further damage, you will regenerate the value also listed on the shield (let's say 60) in the next regeneration cycle.