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02-03-2010, 09:45 PM
I'm using a torpedo build right now. With Photon Torpedo's MK VI blues. and a Phaser Beam Array MK VI Blue. The idea is... at least for me.. to use my science skills to jam sensors or jam targeting sensors with multiple enemies; so the enemy shoot themselves. Next I fire spreads of torpedo's along with the Beam Fire at will. Couple this with a few buffs like Alpha, and Tactical Team I... you can take out a few ships really quickly. But you have only 30 seconds to pull this off when facing a good size group and you have to really hurry up and target the ships that have already taken the most damage from friendly fire.

Other than that you can duck and run, circle back and try again until the taskforce you are engaging dwindles to manageable numbers.

LT Tactical Bridge Officer:
T1:Torpedo High Yield, 9 points
T2: Torpedo Spread I, 9 points
T3: Beam Fire at will III, 9 points

Ensign Tactical
Tactical Team I

Science Officer: (both has all Commander, LT and L associated skills maxed out)
Jam Sensor I
Jam Targeting sensors I

Use whatever you like. I never really need to use him. Right now I have him set to Emergency Shields and Reverse Shield Polarity.