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02-03-2010, 10:36 PM
Indeed, others are having this problem and those include some or many of the others who have also prepaid for STO, have participated in the OPEN BETA, and Headstart and who may also, have read an earlier FAQ that said that we would have 10 days from the opening to receive the game boxes from whomever we purchased the game - in my case, Amazon,
Instead of a smooth nice transition as one awaits the arrival of the game from the retailer, I find that despite having ordered and pre-paid for the game, I have nevertheless been locked out from playing - and all because I haven't yet received my game box from Amazon - they shipped Monday so it should arrive when, probably tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday. (And since it was known that the retailers wouldn't ship until the day before the game officially opened, doesn't it seem a shame that Cryptic didn't figure out a way to avoid what has happened).

Not very trusting of Cryptic and so, in return, they are losing my trust of them. I realize that they haven't had many MMOs to set up so that there are perhaps many totally new and unfamiliar situations for them to deal with - but c'mon, this is one they should have seen far far ahead - and japparently someone did think about irt - udging from the FAQ that I read - but apparently too, the data on that FAQ has been totally disregarded - so, in reality, this unfortunate situation hasn't been really dealt with in advance at all -

Don't you guys think that locking out those who prepaid for the game, but don't yet have it in hand, because the shipment from the retailer hasn't had any chance to extremely tacky. Cryptic Guys, you should know better and that;s a pretty cheesy way to behave towards alll those who spent $52 or approx for the game .

My copy may or may not arrive tomorrow, but I am annoyed by this situation.