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# 1 Proposal for FvK PvP Gripes.
02-03-2010, 10:38 PM
For starters... some background and unit definitions.

Poster Internet Spaceships History: 3+ Years Eve
1 Cu (Cloak Unit) = 25 Aux Power.
1 Du (Detection Unit) = 5km.

Summary: Cloak is tied to Aux Power Levels.

Synopsis: By binding the cloak effectiveness to the ships Aux power settings, a mutual compromise in FvK (Federation vs Klingon) PvP can be achieved.

We begin this thought experiment with the following gripes, starting with the Federation side. "The [battle] cloak allows them to find us, pick the escort out of the group and alpha strike 20% of our ships and realistically 30% of our combined firepower and run away before we can retaliate."

The Klingon general counter argument is our ships are already paper thin hulls and cloaking drops our shields. Obviously a compromise is in order.

My solution is to treat the cloak in the same mechanics as FI (Full Impulse) using Aux power settings. This will in no way disallow a Klingon ship from performing FI while cloaked; however, doing so will lower their Aux power levels thus reducing their CU counts. Escort ships are given a Du of 1, cruisers a Du of 2 and Science ships a Du of 3.

Since the cloak is tied to the Aux Power level, a Klingon flying under full Aux power will be slow but undetectable, similar to the current state of affairs, but without the advantage of fully charged weapons. A Klingon parked 6km off a federation ship preparing to open fire has a couple of choices.

Choice 1: Transfer power to weapons, lowering their Aux power thus lowering this Cu count. This equates to: Tactical Officer "Captain, I am detecting a buildup in power off the starboard bow, this could be a cloaked vessel."

Choice 2: Drop cloak by using Boff Skill Aux Power to Weapons. Open fire with charged weapons and hope you get the kill.

As to not completely nerf the cloak, activating the cloak will transfer power from shields to Aux leaving you with shields of power 5. Not entirely useless and wide open. At the same time, preemptively transferring power to aux will enable Klingon ships to Battle cloak without the 5 second vulnerability of no shields waiting for the torpedo to destroy the ship.

Klingon ships traveling at full impulse are detectable by science ships at 15km, cruisers at 10km and escorts at 5km, which, if you look at cannon, this is not entirely put of place. Tactical officer: "Sir, I'm detecting a ion trail, it seams to be moving towards us.

For the Klingon side, this will open the federation options from the single current option of the Dreaded Fed-Ball and allow federation ships the ability to move around, set up an ambush via Boff skill Mask Energy Signature, and catch the Full impulse Klingon ship, thus bringing in some tactics and breaking the need for the Fed-Ball. For a group of cloaked Klingon ships, finding a lone ship or two not performing the Fed-Ball can be a very lucrative target.

Thank you, Please drive through.

*Note to comments: This post in intentionally long, if you did not read the whole post, save the community from having to deal with your laziness and keep your comments to yourself. Give your response some though, this proposal has been mulled over for 48 hours, creative criticism should take longer than clicking reply and submitting a post before the page loads.

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