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02-04-2010, 12:00 AM
I'd like to contribute the following workaround for what appears to be a bug in the parent coding for settings windows with tabs.

Anyone who is currently attempting to change Fleet Settings, Fleet Bank Configure Tab, or Chat Settings will see on their screen that a change to one rank or chat tab will be applied to all ranks/chats. This is simply a display bug; the settings have been appropriately changed for that specific rank or chat and none other.

The workaround is:
-change the settings for a rank/chat, then switch tabs (e.g., click on Fleet Uniforms or the chat tab arrow key to select another chat to change, then click back again to Fleet Settings or your original chat that you were modifying) to see the changes to the rank/chat you just changed
-click on another rank/chat, switch tabs and switch back to see this rank's/chat's settings
-repeat for all

I noticed this bug has been in existence since the very last build of Open Beta. Before that last Open Beta patch, the display was updating correctly. (Although there was a similar issue several patches before that.)