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02-04-2010, 01:13 AM
Originally Posted by Elitus View Post
Edit: Pictures removed as this is naming and shaming

ive seen entire klingon fleets do this to end the game quickly once or twice but this is the first time ive see a fed player do this and ask other to do this, its wrong and lame and needs to be taken out compleatly, give the abilty to be in a team in the instance and to be able to vote ppl out to stop this, and if it wasnt for him we would have won

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There's about 20 another threads about this already. Nothing new, until there is an alternative way to gain skills relatively easily on the Klingon side as well as changing the way PVP maps are currently scored this will not change..

Currently there is no incentive for the federation or the klingon side to split or not ball up. this makes for boring fights of call the ball and who has healing. Objective maps and alternative ways to level besides PVP for the klingons and this will change. Until then enjoy easy victories on the other side.