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02-04-2010, 12:54 AM
Originally Posted by Bakatu View Post
can someone please answer those questions?
1. my tactical BO has High Yeld 1 and i invested some points to it. if i train him to II version do the skill points stay or do i have to skill it up again? can i get from I to III or do i have to train II and from there III?
2. if i have a High Yeld I (with skill points invested) and i change it to something different what happens to the skill points? are they aplied to the new skill or are they lost?

Im a little bit lost i the skill mechanics here
1. High Yield 1 and High Yield 2 are completely different abilities. You could train High Yield 3 without anyone on your crew knowing High Yield 1 or 2. They will need to be skilled up separately.

2. If you train a new skill in place of an old one, the new skill will start at 1, regardless of what the old one was at. However, your Bridge Officer will remember that you spent points on him (or her) for a promotion.