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02-04-2010, 02:50 AM
Originally Posted by -Jes-
Either you're full of it, or there were more people in your team than in the mishes you did, or you were using the sidekicking system (or has that been removed?)

Because yesterday, I and two other near-commanders were helping out an Ensign bud, and we were literally EATING our way through the enemy.

Hell, the 4-player fleets we encountered, each of us high-levellers could SOLO!
Thanks to the first person who replied to me I found that you can ensure baddies are leveled to the low level player as long as the higher level player drops the quest entirely, ensures the low level player enters instances first and ignores quest prompts that may add secondary objectives - and then dropping those secondary objectives as well if they get automatically added.

So no, I'm not full of it - the ways around the system simply weren't apparent to me at the time.

However! All these are simply ways *around* the system. The system is still broken and a better needs to be found so that we as players do not need to keep finding ways around it. I am glad you all helped me find these ways around it but I'd rather have a system that works on its own without having to find side-stepping ways to get away with it.

So, if you agree, please help me get this message to Cryptic - the team leveling mechanic needs to be fixed so that we can enjoy missions with our friends *without* stepping through hoops to get there.

Thanks again everyone.