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02-04-2010, 03:12 AM
Ship mission:

Random race have beam abord your ship and take over the ship
and you need to fight off the intruder to take over the ship again

i see complain about lack of tactic. so lets make one where you can do it hard or easy way

lets say the mission start out as a intruder alert warning and captain ( we ) wake up in our captains room. from there we are alone rest of our away team is unconscious at different places on the ship. and if you want to use them you need to get to them and heal them up with your tricorder.

or you can fight the enemy by your self but this will be harder if you come across larger group of patrols.

but let say you have a way to sneak by them to reach to one of your officer and from there it get easy to reach the others.

they can be located like in engine room, transporter room, mess hall, ect.

once you have all your bridge officer up running you advance up to take over the bridge where it will be a full battle with alot of enemy.