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02-04-2010, 02:13 AM
Originally Posted by Tsvaox
Is this advisable for leveling? (I am talking about the skills like escort captain, cruiser captain, etc....).

I have heard some debate as to whether or not these skills are worth taking since they are only good for one tier of play.
I think those are points well spent, as they give you certain advantages over the appropriate ship-type., and that might tip the balance in a space-battle.
Granted, you should only specialize for one ship-type per tier or you would really waste points, but that's the nature of a specialization: for being exceptionally good with one thing, you are less qualified with others.
For the tacticals who go for escorts (like me), spending points here does help enormously to turn the ship the way I need it to a) maximize the damage on the target and b) minimize the damage taken myself by offering the enemies always those sides where the shields are fully up.
It's a little dancing, and for that I need any turning-speed I can gain, so those ship-captaining-skills are the first to be filled up completely followed by the ship-weapons I prefer, together with the ground-skills.