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02-04-2010, 02:20 AM
Originally Posted by Duskwood
In the show dont the federations shields set them apart from any other fleet? Starfleet is always focusing on defensive abilities, even their attack escorts have better shields than enemy escorts. This is to compensate for the lack of cloaking devices and such, they have to protect their ship.

but im not seeing this O-o klingon ships seem to have just as much defensive ability, AND cloak. What am I missing? So far in the arenas, its klingons form up cloaked, all come out at once, 5 ships mow one or two down. Then they all cloak. Then they wait 5 minutes and do it again. If starfleet is lucky, they can take one or two out. If EVERYONE focuses on the same one.

I play both sides, and space pvp my klingon is the best hands down O_O, ground pvp....I dunno whats going on there, I love it, but the holds are ****in me off!
YOu have way more hull and shields than us.

SO you have what you want in the game.

GO play klingon if you want to know how underdog they SORT of are at the moment.

We dont have half the luxuries that the Fed players have to gear up and stay level.