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02-04-2010, 03:21 AM
Well My thoughts are on the issue is that it's good to put them in starship command and then what ever type ship of the LT cmdr tree you are going. Reason being, the others are more specialized and help only that type of ship where the first two tiers apply to all down the rest of that tree. More reason to this is since we only get 8000 point for our admiral tree, I'd like to use my points in other areas of the tree than having 9 points go to waste (if maxed) in something that becomes obsolete once you get to next tier.

This is also coming from some one who puts all points in space and none in ground if it can be helped. Honestly I hate ground combat, it's less common and even with no points in it and being a commander i have no difficulty doing missions at all. As long as I keep my BOffs skilled up i've been fine. That's just my 2 cents, putting the 9 points in each tier does help for those 10 levels, but in the long run i feel they may help in one of your subsystem boxes or even just to give you more diversity in the end of what you can do.