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After playing LotRO for the past 5months (got tired of WoW after 5 years), I really liked the idea of collecting "trophies" and putting them on display. Now I heard LotRO wasn't the best housing system and EQ's and I think SWG was much better.

But for STO I would like to see something like where we could have a room to go to from the bridge and have a place to store more stuff (maybe we might need more storage space in future content) and we would be able to do some type of mission or random type encounters that would give us trophies or plaques to display in your room! Anything from an alien head, some kind of cool looking plant, furniture or live animals as pets!

Just something I had popped into my head when I was sitting on my bridge being depressed because I couldn't do anything on it! heheh
My understanding is that at one point there was to be a Captain's Ready Room for trophies attatched to each ship bridge. I don't know what happened to the idea, but I like it. Prior to launch, there was already talk of a free expansion in the next few months (that was one of the things that convinced me to go lifetime) and perhaps it'll be there.

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