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02-04-2010, 03:07 AM
Under ur chars skill window under the heading of Starship Operations there should be a box labelled, Starship Deflectors and another box near it named Starship Deflector Dish. What items with +Deflector and +Deflector Dish do is the same as these skill boxes I believe. What these skill boxes actually do tho Iím not 100% sure yet. My assumption would be that the Starship Deflectors box is for 1 set of abilities, possibly those mostly available at a low rank and Starship Deflector Dish is for abilities that are higher then the abilities the other box covered. The way my mind thinks it might work is that the deflector constantly has a deflector field active all the time and so some abilities will be extended from this field and so makes them less powerful then other abilities that come directly from the deflector dish.

Ofc I could be talking complete Cr*p