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02-04-2010, 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by Bos22
Rapid fire... Dead fed in 3 secs if you focus.. Then focus an another one.. An another one... Reverse shield polarity for the first birdie to uncloak...

Of course if the fed had reverse shield polarity.. he can live for a bit. Pick the right skills for your pvp BOs
You're saying the only way to win is if all klingons are in pre made groups, all take the 1 same BO with the same ship gear to make the best use of that 1 BO, won't die instantly to auto-fire feds the moment they uncloak so they have enough time to let rapid fire work, and reverse polarity can counter it anyways making the fed ball invincible. The cherry on top is all your conditions need to be met to kill 1 target, while the fed ball auto fires down 3 or 4 BoPs requiring no skill but pressing the tab button. Then they sit there and cry the next 10 minutes because the remaining BoPs rushed off to go cloak and regroup for another suicide run.

I appreciate you proving my point. Picking the right skills for your BO is key, until it's general knowledge only 1 skill works. Then everyone takes that, everyone else takes the counter, and we are back to square 1 where pvp is pointless.

-edit- I appreciate you trying to help by telling Klingons what BO they should take and how to use it, but you're only treating symptoms and not the cause.