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02-04-2010, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by Dream Theater
After reaching Rear Admiral 5 i've pretty much seen the entire game so far and have to say you guys did a great job, however I have a few suggestions that might make gameplay even better.

1. Give us some sort of pet command that allows us to beam our BOFFs to our location. Too many times have I watched as my BOFFs just sit helpless on a wall, or doorway, not knowing what to do with themselves.

2. With all the batteries dead ships throw at us, would be nice if they stacked to 10 (or more) instead of 5.

3. Give players a hint of where the crystalline entity fleet action is! Very hard to find without either getting lucky or asking. The mission from Admiral Grigori Yanishev states that it's in xxx and yyy sector, which is absolutely no help there.

4. Perhaps change the exchange to where people can click on subcategories to make it easier to find things they just can't remember the name of.

5. It also would be nice if there was an auto-fill option of sending in-game mail to someone. There are times I just can't remember the spelling of the person's name.

6. Give us more content for captains. Had to rely on exploration missions for a good chunk of my skill points as a captain (I'd guess about 30-40%)

7. Remove aid planet missions from exploration. The ones where you have to give the planet so many of X thing. They're the ones that were always not complete-able, unless you've done something very recently to make them not suck.

8. Please, please, please increase the skill cap even by just a little bit. It's not very cool how I can only max out ONE skill in the admiral column when it has the most skills out of any column. Also, while you're at it, why'd you even bother separating the admiral ships in to specific types. Why not just mold them in to 1 over-arching skill for each type.

9. Perhaps hire one or two people who's only job is to respond quickly to GM tickets and either handle them immediately, or will just be a liaison from the customer to the engineers.

10. This is just an idea for tossing around, but perhaps it would be nice if you guys implemented an item database somewhere that we can browse all the item types in the game.

11. Have a chat option where I can talk with people only in my zone, not every single zone. This would be helpful for fleet actions.

Let me know what you guys think about this little list here ^_^
1. YES! Far too many games dont give us an ability to free stuck "pets"

2. I agree wit that. 10 would be granting any major advantage, and if they want people to use them more often, I think they should be effective for 5 seconds instead of 3(If still staked by 5s).

3. Not necessary. Ask, and people will tell you if theyve seen it. Thats how I found it. Also, if you lnow exactly where to look, theyd have to lower rewards, since it become a campsite(bring smores!).

4. Thatd be good, being able to search by item type, instead of having to remember partial names of all the items you might want.

5. Idve thought it was already there, since I see auto-complete working for private messages.

6. I wouldnt say thats bad, but there shouldnt be any content gaps. Too many people are just out to level fast, and then complain that theres noting to do(not saying youre one). and to them, I say, why skip content if you dont have to? If all you care about is getting to max level asap, then why bother playing, if you gonna skip most of it?

7. I actually liked those, except that it was kind of a hassle not having a tradship in the previous sector. Also reflects that Star Trek isnt always about pewpew.

8. Only enough points to max one skill? Choose wisely. Whats wrong with having multiple ships?

9. Some form of human interaction, especially at this early stage, would be nice, and give us a chance to more easily explain our bugs/problems, ect, as well as letting us know someone out there is actually paying attention.

10. A "Starfleet Database" WOULD be nice to have. Id put it in the observation lounge, myself.

11. YES! Definately needed! I spent a few minutes last night trying to hook up with a group in a fleet action last night, only to find out(by getting some time to actually pay attention to chat tags) that they were in a different zone. It was VERY confusing, and I consider the "Current Zone Chat Only" option a must-have, to my mind.