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02-04-2010, 03:26 AM
I think crafting is the wrong word for it. I like inkering. Right now all I can do is take a white and make it a green if I have the rather large amount of 'stuff' required to do it. I like the idea behidn what they are trying to do but the implementation doesn't work for me.

First you don't know you 'skill' level, so progressing, knowing what you need to get to that next step is unclear. There needs to be a clear set of requirements to get to the next leve. EX: each item has a score to it so the low end items have a lower score than those that require more 'stuff' (maybe for each item used to make the improvement counts as 1). Then the exact number needed to progress to the next level.

Second for the amount of 'stuff' you need to improve gear the upgrade just doesn't seem worth it. I see nothing special I can do that I wouldn't be able to get completing some episodes. I think for one you should be able to see what is availbe down for further levels, don't keep it a secret. Then there should be an option for it to be BOE or BOP. BOP would be cheaper to create or might have a special skill bonus.

Third crafting will not work out very well if the exchange stays the way it is. There is no way to price shop nor is there a way to see really what is on the exchange. You cannot have a crafting economy if those that aren't intersted in crafting can't find and buy the merchandise easily.

I personally did some tinkering when I first got there but out stripped what I could make quickly and having no idea what it would take to get the stuff I wanted (nor even really knew what was there) I haven't been back to Memory Alpha.