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02-04-2010, 04:29 AM
Gosh Guys, Lighten up.

1 It is such a bad argument that the game is finished, it should be working. I do not, nor have I heard of any MMO having a finished crafting system inplace at launch. Crafting systems that are worth anything come about after the community sounds off.

2 I am tired of people saying, "We should not have to research the game we paid to play" Plain short short sighted if you ask me, you get a manual for games, and part of any MMOs manual is to look it up on the forums that the game usually offers.

3 There is a crafting system inplace, it just sux, alls you can do is upgrade current stuff. The devs have said this is just a starting point, so if you unlock it, when it is revamped, youll be able to access it -so getting all bent saying you lie you lie.....sit down, relax

Lets not look at what we dont have, lets look at what we could have, or what we have to look forward to. Stop rushing for endgame results on the first week, wait and see where this game can take us. You got a bunch of space to see, and a crew to build, get on it!!!