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02-04-2010, 03:30 AM
You guys do realise there is NO economy in STO right?

These gold sellers are preying on the ignorant right now, but in about 3-4 weeks when your all admirals and captains and have bought your last item you'l be sitting there wondering what your gonna spend all that energy cred on...

If anything it will become a running joke about how many energy creds you have "banked"

So far every 10 levels when I get a new ship.. I check the exchange to see if there is some slightly better equipment then what I currently have from just loot drops.. usually there isn't. I have racked up 400k+ credits.. not counting the credits I HAVE spent on the 3-4 things I did buy.. I am 10 levels from cap.. which I'll be at in probably another day.. what will I buy then?

Please level up some more and just ignore the gold sellers, because THEY aren't ruining the economy that simply doesn't exist in the first place...