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# 1 Cardassian Features
02-04-2010, 03:32 AM
I couldn't find a better forum to put this in. Suggestions of where this should be are appreciated.

I wanted to play a Cardassian character. When I went into the character creator, I was very happy to see most of the features were there.

However, I noticed a few pieces missing:

1. Chin. The cardassian chin is missing. They don't have beards, or spines or Coral growing out of their face. They have a goofy wedge chin.

2. Neck. The cardassian neck is missing. This is partly obscured in STO by the tall shirts. However, the side of the neck should still be visible. Heck, it would be nice if we could have lower shirts to show off more of the neck. It is one of their few distinctive features and is always displayed on the males.

3. Uniforms. Since we're all flying federation ships, i imagine this would have to be an unlockable from the c-store, but that would be fine IMO. But a cardassian uniform would be cool.

I know the game needs a lot of work elsewhere with fixing bugs, but the art department doesn't fix bugs. They generate graphics. Thus, i ask for them to throw in these missing features for the cardassian nerds of the world.