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02-04-2010, 03:49 AM
Originally Posted by TheGroggyOne View Post
I hit T3 before server shutdown and was setting up my BO's only to find I'm out of honor points and have no way of replenishing them. I tried going to kahless, but found myself locked out. I tried the fleet actions, but it's not gonna happen, the first 5 frigates are easy enough, the other 35 that join in are a damn bit more than my shields can handle.

I got a 7 engagement quest, but at the rate it gives honor, I'll be T5 and a few months down the road. Far to late for it to be useful. I've got some ground quests, but the few I've tried, I'd come in dead and respawn just in time to die again. I've yet been able to even fire at a fed, then I have to shutdown the game for a while before I can get back in alive. House battles make ground battles seem enjoyable oddly enough.

So I'm setting here contemplating fighting the next 3 tiers with T2 skills vs T3, T4 an T5 skilled feds.
This needs to be addressed as experienced players from the beta were aware from this and planned ahead by farming Kahless - slower to levvel but gives the honour ready to stockpile. we are still in the same position though, I had 4k honour saved, then levelled to t3, its down to 2200, the daily repeatable give 104 honour I think, and until they fix the t3/4/5 PvE content your going to have to farm a daily - or try submitting a ticket/requesting a GM for help - but I doubt they will do much as its not a direct bug but really the outcome of one of their bugs that they have said they have fixes for - theyre just not released yet.