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02-04-2010, 04:52 AM
The problem comes from people using solo skills and then trying to PVP. People are equipped to maximise solo potential whilst grinding quests to be honest. I personally did the same whilst getting my fed to 45, ALL my skills were to aid my soloability not to help anyone else.

Even people I know do the same (science ships with NO teambuffs) just skills that aid themselves.

And due to klingons doing PVP primarily they're obviously going to have PVP orientated skills.

It still depends on player skill and their ability to adapt, a game in OB, it was all fed cruisers. Playing klingon and a random team, group together, decide to attack one, 3 klingons die because the others healed the cruiser we were targetting and we didn't react to take them down, regroup. call a target list of the healers we now know, repeat till win.

btw- How does MES stand now in pvp?