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02-04-2010, 03:53 AM
yes i have the same problem .. i am not able to use a tier 3 and tier 4 of my two BO
its quite anoying ..
I think its a space ability that registers as a ground ability but stays in the space section .. so you cant replac it because its not there to be replaced, its at the ground section, but you cant use it eithr, because its loaded in the ground section, which you cant use from space or on ground you cant use since its a space ability ...
it also shows up if you try to replace a groun ability in the same rank as your aceton field ability, whn promoting the "it will replace ..." it dosnt show the ground ability, it shows the aceton field .. but if you ignore that it will still change the ground ability.

Please ..
A) Remove that ability
B) Fix it
C) Replace it with a other working ability