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I was hoping the tooltips would be fixed by now.

Problems are:

a) Comparison tooltips - Often what shows up is not the item you have equipped, it's a duplicate of what you're inspecting. Very useful!

b) Comparison tooltips in Exchange - Often shows a comparison tooltip that is one Mk above the one you're inspecting, with no relation whatsoever with whatever you have equipped in the relevant slot.

c) Lack of context tooltips - When you place your mouse over an item, the tooltip for comparison with equipped item doesn't show, UNLESS you have the relevant window open (character status, ship status). Although this is useful when you want to compare with BO equipment, please let it happen ONLY when BO windows are open and let the default be to show the tooltip for the item you have equipped, on yourself or your ship, as relevant.

Thank you, fix the above and have in me a happy panda