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# 1 Exchange - Suggestions.
02-04-2010, 03:59 AM
Additional Display Filters that i think should be addedd.

Filter By:
  1. Price
    • Displays items by price lowest to highest, in either accending or decencing order.
  2. Item Level ( MK IV, MK II)
    • Displays items by Level lowest to highest, in either accending or decencing order.
  3. Name
    • Displays items alphabetically in either accending or decencing order.
  4. Item Color Coding
    • when viewing the results of a search query in the exchange, change the font color for uncommon, rare and very rare items so they can be seen at a quick glance rather than having to hover over them

Additional Search Filters i think should be added.
  1. Wild card Searching
    • Perform a search for a string of words that can appear in any order in an items description. e.g (search: Phaser * MK IV - return a list of all phaser MK IV items ) .
  2. Search items descriptions
    • Allows players to search more spercifically for items containing spercific atributes that are only displayed in the items description.

and finally increase the players maximum itmes that can be sold from 20 to 50

also the over over tool tip can get very anoying how about we have a delay on mouse over untill it appears.