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02-04-2010, 04:06 AM
There is not a fraking thing you can do about the 'gold sellers' unless Cryptic/Atari disallow free/open accounts on the forums and in STO and a future 'trial' account. limit Ensigns accounts from sending mails and posting pms. This is not going to happen because it would be a hindrance for new people to join (and new people = more money which is all any business cares about)

A gold seller doesn't even need to be in the game. They can just send an automated PM using the forums and you will see it in your STO mail. They can get a heap of player names and accounts to send their rubbish to by just doing a video capture of chat for a couple hours.

Just get ready for the 1 or 2 hundred mails a day these ****ers will send when they get there stuff up and running properly because Cryptic isn't about to spend time chasing them, they will ban the account and a new bogus one like 'ieuahsgde' will be made the next day.

I highly doubt they will give the option to receive mail only from friends/fleet list and system, because that would not take care of the problem , just hide it.

Its the bane of every game around.