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02-04-2010, 04:11 AM
10:02:03:21:54:43.4::Negh'Var Warship,C[6 Space_Klingon_Battleship],,*,Akim,P[188923@368469 Akim@Falstaf],Dual Heavy Disruptor Cannons,Pn.7ea3171,Disruptor,,7.01225,147.255
Here is a line from my combatlog

Display name of owner - Negh'Var Warship,C[6 Space_Klingon_Battleship]
Internal name of owner - (this appear to be empty)
Display name of source - *
Internal name of source -
Display name of target - Akim,P[188923@368469 Akim@Falstaf]
Internal name of target
Display name of event - Dual Heavy Disruptor Cannons
Internal name of event - Pn.7ea3171
Type - Disruptor
Magnitude - 7.01225
Base magnitude - 147.255

Seem to be a bit differentl that COH but this has been my first attempt to look at my combat logs.

Ok for those wanting to make a combat log it is easy

/combatlog 1 <--- turns it on
/combatlog 0 <--- turns it off

File is located here if you did a default install for Window 7 C:\Users\Public\Games\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\logs

note you get ALL combat going on around you not just yours

Hope this helps