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# 13 Andorian names
02-04-2010, 04:11 AM
Thanks for your Work, Kinthok.

But Andorian names follow a lot of rules, so some of your suggestions are not "real" Andorian names or for the wrong gender.

Andorian names usually consist of a first name and a family name, but in that case you have to add your status (zh' for birth mother, sh' for seed mother, th' for donor father, ch' for seed father, h' for nonreproductive) in front of the family name.

Gender is determined from the last letter(s) of the first name:
a/aa female
b/be male
c male
d/de male
e/ee male
f male
g male
h (preceded by a or i) female
h (preceded by a consonant or e, o, u, y) male
i/ii female
j male
k male
l male
m/me male
n/ne male
o male
p/pe male
r male
s/ss (or s preceded by a consonant) male
s (preceded by a or i) male
s (preceded by e, o, u, y) male
t/te male
u/uu [and 'uu' replaces 'oo'] male
v/ve male
y/yy male
z/zz male

There are special rules for members of the Philosophers caste, who name their children after animals or situations, for members of the Tradesmen caste, who use descriptive names of their work and even more rules for andorians, who don't live on Andoria. But let's keep that aside.

Here, a good read on that topic: