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02-04-2010, 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by Splutter
Ok, here goes:

The flags start neutral (a white/grey spinning O with a cross through it).

When you fly onto a neutral flag, it goes your colour, in the case of Klingons it's kindof a yellowy flag, and if you look closely it's got a 'TV scan' going up/down the logo. [you must be uncloaked]

You then need to stay within range of the flag for ~1 minute (for 1 player) to capture the flag. It goes blue/red when captured and glitches a bit, it can be very hard to tell when it changes colour.

If you leave the flag before it's captured, then any opposition player nearing the flag will turn it neutral, and immediately start capturing it for his own team.

When capturing an opposition flag, it simply stays as it is, but with a white stripe on the logo.


The game takes the number of flags owned by each side, and applies a penalty to your opponent.

e.g. you have 2 captured flags, they have 3 captured flag = -1 points/second for your team.

- "capturing" flags do not count for anything.
- there's lag in calculating the next tick, so wait a couple of seconds to see whether it took effect.
- if 3 defenders and 4 attackers fight over a flag, the attackers are actually capturing the flag during the fighting... (4>3 so it captures at the same rate as 1 ship afaik)

The huge problem is the difficulty in telling whether a flag is captured. (it is not uncommon to leave a flag and have it immediately switch when an opponent enters it's range).
Excellent info.