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02-04-2010, 04:34 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Starblazer View Post
When you get total crap drops like an 'engine battery' for killing a battleship, you can be assured some will buy it..

If Cryptic had any concept of 'Risk = Reward' in the game, there would be no reason for people to buy it...
Agreed, while in one of the Iota sector Deep Space Enoucnters, two other players and myself came across a "Dreadnaught" which we had never seen before.. So we attacked it.. 5 minutes laters.. (YES, 5 MINUTES) we had managed to kill it. ONe of the longest and BEST fights I've seen in this game so far.. we got exactly 1 Shield Battery and 1 Engine Battery...

I mean seriously.. any enemy that powerfull that we were never able to take down its shields.. we killed it with bleed through damage alone.. and all we got was 2 crappy batteries.. that should have been a named purple or something..