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02-04-2010, 05:39 AM
Thanks for the link. My Andorian name generator is based on both canon and non-canon names from novels etc. and some additions I made that sounded Andorian to me. I omitted the gender prefixes because they're not canon and don't appear in the shows. It's a general rule I follow when collating material: I favor the conventions from the shows and movies and only go with secondary material when no canon material is available or if it's consistent with canon names.

That said, I think most of my Andorian names should conform to the conventions you've given if you add your desired gender prefix. Seven out of eight names in my last Andorian post do.

One more thing about those conventions: They show the same tendency most Trek writers unfortunately went for - allowing for a great variety of male given names but establishing only few possibilites for female names. I always try to come up with more name diversity for the female names in spite of lazy writers.