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02-04-2010, 05:50 AM
Originally Posted by xXLocutusXx
you mean i can get my sub with my forum account? I are officially lost now lol.

Thing is I ordered my amazon collectors edition but wont arive till like feb16+ so amazon said today there sappose to give me my code but they werent specific what code it is. Still nothing in my email. Just want to get my lifetime out of the way and know iam secure with the goodies and the sub
Heres how it worked for me.

I ordered a few months ago the collectors edition.. which gave me beta game access.. I downloaded the game and was able to play beta.

then I saw the 12 month limited time offer for the subs.. so.
I clicked on that link and paid for 12 months.
the website page under my account status says 12 month subscription.
thenI received the cd game disc in the mail.
I installed the cd.. hoping for more content and voices and whatnot.
after the game finished installing it took me to the website and opened up a similar page to the one where i got my 12 month sub. then it asked me for the product key.
Once i typed in the key it said my account was activated for Collectors edition.
also the collectors edition started a 30 free day trial.. so really i hope my 12 month sub starts after the free trial ends. otherwise i loose a month. whatever tho. I wouldve got lifetime but was short on $$

thats basically it.

You can access the subscriptions through your online account.