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02-04-2010, 06:00 AM
It will decrease a lot as soon as a retail key will be required to play. However it won't completely stop, it never will, doesn't matter if there is no free trial or you can't post mail as Ensign or whatever, most of their income is from compromised accounts and they can spam using those accounts as well. You can't really stop accounts getting compromised, can you?

As long as people are so ignorant and stupid that they fall for whatever obvious scam is thrown at them, even if it is completely against logic, there will be goldsellers. Also, of course, as long as people are such tools to buy ingame currency there will always be goldsellers.

The only thing Cryptic can do is keep banning them. The only thing you can do is report spam so Cryptic can ban them, delete the message and get over it.